Bayshore Care Workers Offered Zero Wage Increases!

April 23, 2022 – Calgary, AB – Late last week your union negotiating committee met with the employer with the assistance of a Labour Board appointed mediator to address outstanding issues.

Frustratingly, Bayshore officials continue to undervalue your tremendous work and dedication. Staggering inflation coupled with a more dangerous and challenging work environment; you deserve better!

Throughout the pandemic many companies like Bayshore have spoken publicly about the incredible work of their employees, in many cases referring to you as “heroes”. We, as your union, know this to be true. Why then is the employer refusing to back up those sentiments of gratitude in meaningful ways, like providing monetary compensation that reflects your value? This employer appears happy to reap the benefits of your hard work while stubbornly demanding you accept zeros for wage increases. This is unacceptable!

As a result, we will be highlighting publicly the refusal of Bayshore to acknowledge the important work you do for seniors in Calgary, which also includes giving support and peace of mind to their families and loved ones through that care. Your union and your negotiating committee will fight for you as we urge Bayshore to do the right thing.

You are key to this fight for fairness. Stand together and let us say with one voice – We will not go from heroes to zeros!

In solidarity,

Your Union Negotiating Committee:
Perlita Ulanday
Sandi Trottier
Jason Parrell
Pablo Godoy