Bayshore: We’re On the Road to Mediation

Due to the Company’s ongoing refusal to commit to an open bargaining process and blanket refusal of all of the Union’s non-monetary proposals, UFCW 401 has filed for mediation.

We are going to ensure that the Company remains committed to this bargaining process! We are currently waiting on Alberta Mediation Services to speak with the Company and, soon, to assign us a Mediator.
The non-monetary proposals that the Company has thus far refused include: 

  • Committing to a zero-tolerance attitude to patient abuse and protecting you on the job
  • Having pay stubs that reflect regular hours of work, overtime work and client cancellations
  • Having an effective Occupational Health and Safety committee.

Click this link to download and read a copy of our proposals to the Company.

Check out the video at this link to learn more about what Mediation is and how it works.

Stay tuned for further updates!