Bayshore: Our Demand for Open Bargaining

Last week, we asked our Bayshore members if they experience abuse from patients and if so, what type.

100% of the responses said that our members have experienced verbal abuse from clients.

That’s why we’re proposing better language for a new Collective Agreement that addresses all forms of abuse from Bayshore clients.  

However, March 20th was another wasted day of bargaining, because the Company simply does not want our members to observe the bargaining process. 

Open bargaining is not new to our Local. We practice it because we believe in your right to know what is happening at the table. The Company, however, left yesterday’s session when some of our Bayshore members showed up with muted mics and cameras off.

Last time we went to the bargaining table, it took almost four years to get a deal. We don’t plan on letting that happen again. We also don’t plan on letting the Company dictate that our members be excluded from the process.

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