We are now just under a week away from beginning our next round of mediation on June 26th. As the date draws closer, we’re highlighting another pair of the proposals that we’ll be fighting for at the table.

Proper access to rest and sick leave are integral parts of a healthy work environment. We’re dedicated to making sure our members  these necessities in a way that avoids needless complications or disruption.


Our seventh proposal, about rest periods, reads like this:

Article XX – Rest Periods

XX.01 Rest periods shall be arranged by the Employer in such a manner as to cause minimum disruption of work schedules. When assigning rest periods for employees, seniority shall be the determining factor.

All employees shall be permitted a fifteen (15) minute rest period, with pay, both in the first half and the second half of a seven and one half (7 ½) hour shift. In any four (4) hour shift they shall be permitted one fifteen (15) minute rest period with pay.

The Employer will ensure that the scheduled shifts of all employees working within the Community, will include these rest periods accordingly.

While the first part of our ninth proposal, about paid sick leave, reads like this:

Article XX – Leaves of Absence

  1. Sick Leave

The Union proposes that employees may be required to provide a Doctor’s note after three (3) consecutive days of sickness, if requested by the Employer. Where the Employer requests a Doctor’s note for sickness, the employee will provide a receipt for the cost of the sick note. Upon receiving the receipt of a sick note from the employee, the Employer agrees to reimburse the cost of the sick note, by the proceeding pay period.

The Union proposes paid days for sick leave for all classifications of employees covered by this Agreement.

All employees that have successfully completed their probationary period, shall be credited with thirty-two (32) hours, to be used for sick time off, with pay.

These proposals are closely related to the larger issue of hours of work and overtime, and we will be looking to connect those discussions. They all touch on related issues of compensation and of respect for the needs of our members.


Have you encountered problems with rest periods or sick leave as a Bayshore member? Is this issue important to you?

Make your voice heard. Click on this link to take a quick survey on how important this issue is from your perspective as a Bayshore member. We’ll make sure the Employer clearly understands your needs and your priorities. 

We’re going to make sure the Employer understands just how much this issue matters to the membership, and we’re going to fight hard to get you an agreement that includes fair compensation for your travel time.


Click this link to view the Union’s updated proposals in full.

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