Once again, the Employer refused to give our members access to their bargaining link on April 24th.

However, we were able to get them to agree to two of our proposals. We believe that our applying for mediation and our pending Unfair Labour Practices complaint has forced the Company to get serious about bargaining!

In the most recent bargaining session, the Company agreed to the Union’s proposals for Article 12 – Seniority:

12.04    Where two (2) or more employees have the same seniority standing, the greater seniority shall be given to employees based on alphabetical order; and,

12.05    When applying any of the clauses of this Agreement, seniority according to date of hire, or by default alphabetical order, shall govern.

These are just two small, yet important pieces that are needed to give our members job security, along with all of our proposals to the Company.

So far, we have confirmed May 14th as the first day of mediation. UFCW 401 has provided the Mediator with dates throughout May and into June; the Company has only provided two (2) dates, May 14th and May 29th

We’ve included a link, below, to the Union’s last pass to the Company. The Company did not return to the table on April 24th, stating that they needed to review our proposals. The ball is firmly in their court!

Click here to see your Union’s last round of counter-proposals to the Company.

Check out the video at this link to learn more about what Mediation is and how it works.

Stay tuned for further updates!