Bayshore: The Company Can Do Better

We met with the Company yesterday at midday.  Yet again, they refused to have our members be a part of the process. 

They sent a separate meeting link to stop members from joining, but we sent that new link to our Bayshore members and informed them. Two of those members were in the virtual waiting room on Zoom, ready to observe the bargaining process, but the Company refused their entry.

When our Bargaining Committee informed the Company that members were in the virtual waiting room, the Company’s representative said: “And that’s where they’ll stay.”

We listened to their responses to our proposals, which includes the Company committing to a zero-tolerance attitude to patient abuse and protecting employees on the job, having pay stubs that reflect regular hours of work and overtime work, client cancellations, and having an effective Occupational Health and Safety committee.

The Company said no to ALL non-monetary proposals from the Union. We have yet to even discuss monetary proposals.

Click this link to download and read a copy of our proposals to the Company.

We are convinced that Bayshore can do better. It is because of this type of behaviour from the Company that we will be applying for mediation. The Company has been informed of this, and your Union will keep you informed of this process.

Check out the video at this link to learn more about what Mediation is and how it works.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to press the Company for a better Collective Agreement.