Buffalo Catering Vote: 61% Yes

Workers at the Wapasu Creek Lodges (Main, East and West) the Beaver River Executive Lodge, and the Conklin vote on the Company’s last offer. The membership has spoken and has accepted the companies last offer by 61%.  

After improving their last offer, the members at Buffalo Catering are receiving the best monetary improvement we have seen in the Oil Sands in years. 

Tier 1 Tier 2 
$2.60 Wage increase  $1.55 Wage Increase   
$0.53 Benefit Savings  $0.53 Benefit Savings  
$0.07 Benefit Increase  $0.07 Benefit Increase  
$0.25 RRSP Increase  $125.00 Travel Allowance Increase  
$0.05 increase to RRSP (compounded from wage increase.  
$500.00 signing bonus  
4 Year Deal expiring December 31, 2023 4 Year Deal expiring December 31, 2023 
Total = $3.45 or 14.5%  Total $3.07 or 13.8%  

“We all know that money and benefit improvements are important,” said Executive Director Christopher O’Halloran. “But the improvement we made to recall right and access to re-employment are huge victories for the membership”.  

Click here to review a video on the re-employment improvements 

Click here to see a video on the recall improvements 

If you have any questions about the new union contract, please contact Chris O’Halloran at 587-999-6448 or cohalloran@ufcw401.ab.ca or Clayton Heriot at 780-742-4257 or cherriot@ufcw401.ab.ca.