Canada Malting Negotiations: Four-by-Five Schedules?

We are preparing to head back to the negotiation table from June 22nd to 24th and June 27th to 30th. We have applied to the Federal Labour Relations Board for Conciliation Assistance for June 27th to 30th.

“We heard very clearly from the membership that they did not want negotiations to drag on for a year again,” said Chris O’Halloran, Executive Director and Spokesperson for negotiations. “We will be asking the employer to move quickly and make decisions, and if they don’t, we will ask the Conciliator to write out after June 30th and proceed to a strike vote.”

Before we get back to the negotiations, we would like the membership to vote on whether we should continue to use the four-by-five schedule. You can find the current proposal on the four-by-five schedule here.

You will vote in one of two groups:

  • Maintenance
  • Production

Vacation will apply differently for the four-by-five schedule. If you select a four-day block, you will use the same 40 hours of vacation time. If you choose a five-day block for vacation, you will use 50 hours of vacation.

Overtime for a four-day block will be the same, the first and last day will be double time, and the second and third day will be at time and a half.

Overtime for a five-day block will change to, the first and last day will be double time, and the middle three days will be at time and a half.

Before you vote, please ask any questions you have on the impact of this contact language; you can contact Chris O’Halloran at or 587-999-6448 or Jeff Ible at 587-583-1501.

Please use this link to vote. You will have to identify your name and classification, then vote yes or no.

In solidarity,
Chris O’Halloran,
Jeff Ible