Canmore Bargaining Update: A True Living Wage

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for sharing your ideas on what you would like to see as a living wage in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but also one of the most expensive communities when it comes to the cost of living. 

We know that your store is trying hard to hire new people, and Sobeys needs to do its part to help you by raising the wages for all Canmore members. Your union has drafted a Letter of Understanding to add to your collective agreement, addressing that concern. We will be presenting it to the company this week.

During my recent visit to the Canmore store, I was surprised to see the hiring signs everywhere around the store. Normally, we hear concerns from members about wanting more hours. But some members told me they actually wanted the company to hire more people because they can’t handle more hours than they get now. They want and deserve better pay for their hours – a true living wage – and that goes for every member at the store!

We are still looking for suggestions for a button campaign to let the public know that you are asking Sobeys for a fair wage. Remember, the button will be one inch in diameter and can be worn by any member that can wear jewelry at work. Please email your button slogan suggestions to Sandy at

A letter-writing campaign to your Canmore Town Council is also underway. If you want to write a letter and would like some assistance, please reach out to Sandy (  or Cora ( for help drafting a letter or to personalize a template letter we have available.

In Solidarity,

Chris O’Halloran,

Executive Director, UFCW Local 401