Cargill Doesn’t Care: Wages

Cargill can afford to give you pandemic pay. So why aren’t they giving you the pay you deserve?

Did you know that Cargill is owned by one of the richest families in the world? The Cargill-MacMillan Family owns Cargill. There are 23 family members and 14 of them are billionaires, more than any other family in the world.

That’s more billionaires in this one family than there are in some countries. 

Together, the Cargill-McMillan Family is worth $47 billion. And yet, with all that money, somehow Cargill can’t afford to pay you pandemic pay and promise you fair wage increases at the bargaining table.

That just isn’t right.

Cargill’s success is entirely due to your hard work and sacrifices. Without you and the risks you continue to take, they wouldn’t be able to run the Plant.

Take our survey to let Cargill know you deserve to be fairly paid.

“They are rich, they can afford to pay us,” said Kill Floor Bargaining Committee Member Rod Larioza. “They don’t care about us, they only care about their money. They don’t want to talk about the pandemic. They don’t want to pay us the hazard pay we deserve.”

That’s why your Bargaining Committee continues to push Cargill to do the right thing and acknowledge your contributions at the bargaining table.

Rod is right – they can afford to pay you.

But unless we use a strong and united voice to demand that Cargill recognize your hard work with fair wages (including pandemic pay), nothing will happen. They will keep getting rich while you risk getting sick.

“The lack of caring that Cargill has shown is just disgusting,” said UFCW Local 401 President Thomas Hesse. “Every day, Cargill employees come in and work themselves to the bone, taking on risks to make a living. The least Cargill can do is pay them fairly for that work.”

Don’t let Cargill continue getting away with not paying you what you deserve.

Take our survey so we can push back against the Company’s selfishness.

Working together, we can get Cargill union members a fair contract that recognizes your sacrifices and contributions.

In solidarity,

Joseph Kog – Kill 202
Alain Mendoza – Kill 105
Rod Larioza – Kill 102
Myriam Tukku – Fab 455
Brendalyn Bugsangit – Fab 510
Manolito Sy – Fab 400
Faduma Ibrahim Olow – Fab 517
Navtej Ahuja- Fab 555
John Torilla – FSQR/QA 226
Jan Patrick Belonio – FSQR/QA 575
Gerry Bermas – Rendering 111
David Moreno Ulises – Maintenance 470
Ralph Morrow – Maintenance 145

Your Cargill Bargaining Committee