Cargill forced to postpone bargaining this week

While we would like to be meeting, we’re encouraged to see the Company reacting to UFCW demands.

Over the weekend, Cargill contacted your union to postpone the bargaining meetings we had set for this week. While this is frustrating, the reason for the postponement is one we can use to our advantage.

Cargill was forced to postpone our meetings because Cargill workers in Ontario who are UFCW members are on the verge of striking. In response, Cargill’s Lead Negotiator, Tanya Teeter, had to drop everything and travel to Ontario to attempt to avoid a strike with those UFCW workers.

First, this further demonstrates that significant pressure from UFCW workers will force Cargill to bend.

We’ve already seen Cargill come back to our negotiations with a more reasonable approach when you have sent them a strong message. Keeping the pressure up to force Cargill to change their position on our priorities will be a vital tool for us moving forward.

It is also helpful to have UFCW workers in Ontario placing pressure on Cargill. This forces the Company to manage multiple challenges and amplifies the pressure they are feeling.

“By standing with our UFCW brothers and sisters in Ontario, we are further weakening Cargill’s position and moving closer to getting you a fair deal,” said UFCW Local 401 President Thomas Hesse.

Your Bargaining Committee still met on Monday to review where we’re at with negotiations, discuss priorities, and create a strategy for moving bargaining forward. We still have dates set to meet with the Company next week on October 12 and 13, and we will not stop pushing Cargill as our efforts are proving successful.

Thank you for all your strength and solidarity over what has been a difficult few months. By sticking together and supporting one another, we can get Cargill to make you the offer you deserve!