Cargill still ignoring safety

In a one-day bargaining meeting today, Cargill insisted on following its heartless and irresponsible behaviour of ignoring the urgent safety concerns raised by your Bargaining Committee.

After spending the last month talking with Cargill workers, we know that fear and anxiety remain high at the Plant. Cargill union members want to come to work. But they don’t want to risk their lives in the process.

Your Bargaining Committee started our meeting off by repeating the urgent safety concerns we wished to address. Unfortunately, Cargill acted the same way they did last time we met, dismissing our concerns and calling our frustration ridiculous.

“It’s very clear to me that what is important to us is not important to them as far as safety and COVID are concerned,” said Fabrication Committee member Brendalyn Bugsangit

Despite an unwillingness to discuss the most pressing issues, your Bargaining Committee was able to start building a path forward for negotiations by identifying economic versus non-economic issues with Cargill. 

“We’re coming to Cargill with the very grave concerns of Cargill union members,” said Lead Negotiator Devin Yeager. “All we ask is that they take those concerns seriously and work toward meaningful responses with us.”

Cargill’s reckless approach to negotiations will not break your Bargaining Committee’s focus on making your voice heard at the bargaining table. 

We will continue raising vital issues of safety and fairness. And we will continue demanding that the Company respond by taking safety seriously, paying you pandemic pay, and acknowledging your incredible sacrifices and contributions at the bargaining table.

In solidarity,

Joseph Kog – Kill 202 
Alain Mendoza – Kill 105 
Rod Larioza – Kill 102 
Myriam Tukku – Fab 555 
Brendalyn Bugsangit – Fab 510 
Manolito Sy – Fab 400 
Faduma Ibrahim Olow – Fab 517 
Navtej Ahuja- Fab 555 
John Torilla – FSQR/QA 226 
Jan Patrick Belonio – FSQR/QA 575 
Gerry Bermas – Rendering 111 
David Moreno Ulises – Maintenance 470 
Ralph Morrow – Maintenance 145 

Your Union Bargaining Committee