CFB Employees Finally Have an Offer to Vote On!

Attn: Canadian Forces Base Employees…


As most of you know, your employer refused to continue negotiations last November because of the revocation application brought forward by certain individuals in the bargaining unit. As a result of the revocation application, bargaining was put on hold when your employer refused to return to the bargaining table. Your union then filed a complaint with the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (PSLREB) asserting the employer was not fulfilling their obligations under the law to negotiate fairly and in good faith. In July the PSLREB agreed with your union and ordered the employer to return to the bargaining table as soon as possible, as is their duty.

Because of the delay caused by the revocation, the original bargaining committee could not attend but two new bargaining unit members stepped up to the plate! Negotiations reconvened on August 2-4th. We are pleased to announce that through the hard work of your bargaining committee we have a recommended settlement and the ratification vote will be on August 30th at the Rec. Center Conference Room. Please look for more information on your union bulletin boards.

While the details of the settlement will be given at the ratification meeting, we can tell you that the offer includes improvements to your Union Contract in the areas of health and safety, as well as wages and benefits. It is very important that you attend one of the meetings to hear all about what you’ve achieved and to cast your ballot! At the meeting we will explain the changes and improvements and you will be able to ask any questions you like of the bargaining committee.

Please be advised that all employees that are currently paying union dues are eligible to vote (including those on approved leaves of absence).

So please show up and let your voice be heard!

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