Civeo cancels bargaining

Your bargaining committee is frustrated to report that Civeo has cancelled negotiations scheduled for next week. 

Your Bargaining Committee did its part to prepare for our first round of negotiations in 2021. All of our Committee members were booked off, up-to-speed on the status of bargaining, and prepared to have a productive discussion. 

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Company. 

Earlier today, Civeo contacted your union to let us know that they could not even manage to coordinate their committee members’ schedules. As a result of their disorganization, they made the one-sided decision to cancel negotiations.

We are as angry as you are about this incompetence. Your union knows how important it is to Civeo members that we get back to the bargaining table and continue pushing for a fair contract. 

Rest assured that your union will continue holding Civeo’s feet to the fire! 

Our next round of negotiations are scheduled for February 1-5, 2021, and we want to send the Company a strong message. Please helps us do that by getting a button from your Walking Steward. 

If we do not get a deal in February negotiations; your union will apply for a mediator and start down the road of preparing for a strike vote. 

Civeo needs to know we’re serious. They must get back to the table and commit to meaningful negotiations, or there will be consequences.

Together, we can push them to do so by speaking with a strong and unified voice and staying engaged with the negotiations process. 

If you have questions about negotiations, please reach out to a Walking Steward or your Labour Relations Officer.