CMS Gas Bar: Negotiations Update and an Introduction

We have met and exchanged proposals with the new company Canadian Mobility Services on the 12th and 21st of February.

We’ve since had to pause negotiations, as the company negotiator has not been at work. To make sure we are able to get back to the negotiating table as soon as possible, we would like to introduce Chris O’Halloran as your new spokesperson at negotiations.

Chris is the Executive Director and has 20 years of experience with UFCW. If you have any question or concerns for Chris, please reach out to him directly on his cell phone 587-999-6448 or via email at

“I’m excited to work with the members at the gas bars and fight to get them a fair contact offer that will help to address the affordability crisis they are facing,” said Chris O’Halloran, Executive Director. “I have the company negotiator’s estimated return date in my calendar, and I will follow up with them as soon as they are back.”

We will send out the next update once we have a date to return to the negotiating table.

In solidarity,

Your Union
UFCW Local 401