Company Greed & Care Work Doesn’t Mix!

May 10, 2022 – Strathmore, AB – Workers at Bayshore locations in Strathmore have been fighting for more than two years for a first and fair union contract. Yesterday, we handed out hundreds of information leaflets in what will be just the beginning of a full-scale information campaign to bring justice to you in your bid for a first contract. We are delighted to report that many people were happy to help spread your message and took some leaflets to hand out all over the various homes! The leaflet tells people about Bayshore’s corporate greed and asks people to call Normand at Bayshore and him them to give you a fair offer.

We also had our big, bright, electronic union billboard on hand for our tour and this has all resulted in an amazing amount of support from the public. Check out the pics and the leaflet, you will see at each location there were clients who wanted pictures with us to who their support for all Bayshore workers!

This is only the start and we aim to generate a lot of attention for your struggle for fairness. UFCW 401 will continue this campaign across Alberta until Bayshore gives Bayshore workers a fair offer.

Please stay tuned and continue to reach out to Jason Parrell with any questions. He can be reached at: 403-463-1010.

We know you are worth a lot more. We will continue to fight for you!

Hundreds of these leaflets were handed out to raise awareness with the public