Compass Union Contract Talks are in Progress

We just wanted to send our Compass union members this quick update on negotiations for their new union contract.

The Compass union bargaining committee met with your employer in November and December of 2023 to exchange proposals and for purposes of direct negotiations on non-monetary and monetary items.

We made some progress on various non-monetary items, including cleaning up some housekeeping matters in your union contract. Your union committee has also provided an opening monetary offer to the employer with many of the proposals and suggestions provided to us by the membership in both surveys and proposal meetings.  

At the beginning of February, we are scheduled to meet with the company again to resume negotiations, and we expect the company to provide us with a response to our monetary position.

We are all aware of the critical affordability crisis that all Albertan workers are experiencing. 

Everyone tells us about the difficulties they face putting food on the table and paying their bills. Please be assured that our bargaining proposals reflect the current crisis.

Please watch your email, phone, and union bulletin board for more information on negotiations as we work towards a new union contract that benefits all union members at Compass.

Your union bargaining committee.

Teresa Ludwig
Cheryl Watamaniuk
Cam Howey
Lee Clarke
Lorena Dominguez
Daniel Afroweke