Core-Mark Improves Offer

The union negotiating committee returned to the bargaining table with a representative from Core-Mark on December 1st, 2022. The negotiating committee was clear that Core-Mark had to improve its offer and provide clarification on a few key issues. You will find clarification on the following articles in the new memorandum (attached here):

  • Article 10.01 and 10.02 – regarding when vacation will be taken
  • Article 9.05 (b) statutory holiday pay
  • Article 6.13 – bidding on position

The clarification and back and forth on this language took longer than we had hoped. Unfortunately, the timing of the finalizing of the company offer did not allow us to present and vote on the attached Memorandum of Agreement before the holidays.

The company also improved their offer of compensation. They have increased the signing bonus to $2000.00 two thousand dollars and improved the compensation for drivers doing additional routes in article 8.10.

“The new offer has some good points and some points we wished the company would have improved more,” said Chris O’Halloran, Executive Director for UFCW Local 401. “At the end of the day, the bargaining committee thought this was an offer they could recommend.” 

We discussed the ratification process with the bargaining committee, and it was clear that you did not want to vote for the NDF at the same time as the contract and only wanted in-person voting.

We will be holding the in-person voting on the following days, times, and locations:


  • Glenmore inn Ogden Room, January 14th, 2023, from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm
  • We will hold a membership meeting at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm to answer any member’s questions. If you cannot attend one of these meetings, feel free to drop by the vote and ask your question at any time or call Chris directly on his cell phone at 587-999-6448.


  • At the warehouse – January 13th, 2023, from 6:00 am to 8:00 am

The question about accepting or rejecting this offer is a membership decision, and we will support the membership’s wishes. If the membership rejects the company’s offer, we will ask you for a strike vote to pressure the company to improve its offer. This last bargaining set was done with a government-appointed mediator’s support. If you want to know more about the mediation process, watch this short video. (Click here.)

A few rumours have been communicated to the union about what might happen if the membership rejects the company’s offer. The company’s lawyer clearly communicated that they did not want to set a precedent that they would just keep improving an offer if the membership votes ‘No.’ Therefore, we will ask the mediator to write out and proceed with a strike vote if the membership votes ‘No.’

“If the members reject the company’s offer, you have to vote ‘Yes’ for a strike,” continued O’Halloran. “The worst possible outcome is a rejection of the company offer and low percentage strike vote.”

Under the union constitution, you will not receive strike pay if you do not vote at a minimum of 66 & 2/3% in favour of a strike.

The question on the ballot will be:

Yes, I accept the company’s offer.

No, I reject the company’s offer and authorize the union to take a strike vote. 

If you have any questions, please contact Chris O’Halloran directly on my cell phone at 587-999-6448.

In Solidarity,
Christopher O’Halloran,
Executive Director
UFCW Local 401

For a printable version of this document click here.