CRW & Lucerne Commissary: Bargaining Update

October 4, 2022

Thank you to everyone who showed up to vote; we had a great turnout and a 96% rejection of the Company offer. It’s a great result that will show your employer everyone is standing together to fight for a better contract! 

Your bargaining committee will renew talks with your employer this week. We hope the company comes to its senses and presents an offer that more clearly recognizes your hard work and sacrifice. 

In the meantime, we are setting a date for a strike vote so that we can be ready if the company does not change its position. Please stay tuned for the date and time so you can cast your ballot. 

We all hope to avoid a strike. A strike isn’t something we ever want to do, but we must prepare for all eventualities. 

Additionally, we scheduled more dates for negotiations on October 18th and 19th. As such, you can expect to get something else to vote upon before we make the difficult decision on whether we vote to strike. 

In the event of a strike, strike pay would be $475.00 per week for members who picket 40 hours per week; we expect that members picket what would be their regular work hours to receive picket pay. Additionally, the union will endeavour to provide for your benefits to be continued as well.

Keep an eye on your emails, as several essential updates will follow!

In Solidarity,

Your bargaining committee, Majok Anei Ayom, Kimura Elias Wisdom, Kelly-Jo Nicholson, Carmelo Cabacungan, Kelsang Wangchuk, Alejandro Gutierrez, Melchor Amurao, Jeff Ible, and David B. Smith

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