During Hard Times, Civeo Laundry Workers Win Improved Contract

UFCW 401 members working at the Civeo Crown Laundry facility up north recently voted to accept a new and improved Collective Agreement by a margin of 73%.

“Voter turnout was high and member engagement was positive,” Lead Union Negotiator Linda Mariani tells us. “It was heartening to witness the commitment and dedication of the membership at a difficult time.”

 Some of the highlights of the offer include:

  • 3-year term
  • 3% pay increases per year across most classifications
  • 5%, 4%, and 3% increases, respectively, for the truck drivers with class 1 certification
  • $1200 signing bonuses
  • $350 signing bonuses for those hired within last 6 months
  • Introduction of brand new $1.00 per hour training premiums
  • Introduction of a brand new night shift premium of $0.75 per hour
  • Insulate National Day for Truth and Reconciliation to be added as an extra paid stat holiday
  • Enrichments to clothing and equipment for drivers (cell phone and computer)
  • Improvements to bereavement leave
  • Implementation of a new joint committee to examine shifts and work rotations within 6 months of ratification, with a report back to the membership
  • Any new schedule changes must be agreed to by the union 

This summary of improvements would not have been possible without the membership sticking together and backing their amazing bargaining committee.

“We appreciated the tireless efforts of the bargaining committee that advocated for the members’ interests throughout the negotiation process,” Linda shares.

Congratulations to everyone on this win. This not only puts money in these hard-working members’ pockets, these are improvements for their quality of life and security as well.

In solidarity, UFCW Local 401