Excel GRC: A Better Deal is Worth Fighting For!

UFCW Local 401 has been very focused on making every effort to negotiate improvements to our Excel GRC members’ workplace and conditions of employment.  The Bargaining Committee met with the company again on April 10th, 17th, 18th & 23rd.

We are focusing on the affordability crisis for every one of our 32,000 members across the province.

We are advancing the following key bargaining proposals: 

  1. Higher wages.  Grocery prices have skyrocketed.  Rents have skyrocketed.  Mortgages have become unaffordable.  Utility and insurance bills are through the roof.  Workers have to be able to survive these inflationary times.
  2. The introduction of Workers Compensation rights at your workplace.  Most employers in Alberta contribute to our workers compensation system.  If an employee is injured at work or something bad happens arising from the workplace, they should receive workers’ compensation money so they can survive.  Right now the Gerard Raymond Centre does not participate in the workers’ compensation system.  That is not fair to our members. 
  3. Benefits need to improve. Workers’ benefits need to be protected so there are no new costs to them, and the benefits package must accommodate needs such as an increased number of sick days.    
  4. It’s time for enhanced union representation. The affordability crisis is increasing workplace tensions and is generally affecting the mental health of workers. Excel GRC management needs to recognize the important role of the union and improve the right of workers to have a visible and strong union presence.

We need to keep pushing, and that’s exactly what we plan to do! 

Our Bargaining Committee will be meeting with the Employer again on May 7 and 8. The Employer will be presenting a financial overview on May 7 to address our monetary proposals.

GRC employees are ready to stand strong together for a fair deal!