Gains at the bargaining table, but frustration in the stores

Negotiations between the Company and your Bargaining Committee went relatively well this week. In our first round of bargaining since the holidays, our focus was around health and safety and union rights.  

Your Bargaining Committee is working hard to present a strong and unified voice for Superstore members at the bargaining table. This ensures the Company is hearing what you have to say, and it is an approach that continues to work. 

In this week’s negotiations, your Bargaining Committee was successful in achieving agreement on important issues around health and safety, as well as language around union rights. And while we are happy to see this progress in negotiations; we know that there are substantial frustrations in the stores. 

At the bargaining table, Superstore Committee Members described how challenging the holiday season has been for Superstore workers. Your Bargaining Committee also reiterated that those challenges and the risks that Superstore workers face have persisted into the New Year. 

The Company heard how Superstore members have struggled to keep tills clean and ensure satisfactory safety protocols as they work to get customers through lines. Insufficient enforcement of safety protocols and allowances to maintain health standards put everyone at risk. 

The Committee underscored how these risks demonstrate the critical need to reinstate pandemic pay immediately.  

Again, we urge Superstore members to visit your union’s website and send an email to Galen Weston demanding the reinstatement pandemic pay. 

Click here to send Galen Weston an email about pandemic pay!  

Your Bargaining Committee also raised the issue of store counts with Loblaws. We felt that this was a vital issue to address with the Company.  

We all know that the 15% threshold for store counts set out by the provincial government is not working. In many Superstores, this threshold can mean as many as 450 people crammed into front ends, presenting dangerous circumstances for the virus’ exposure and spread.  

In December, your union sent an urgent letter to Premier Kenney and Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw outlining this troubling situation and calling for amendments to health regulations to ensure your safety and the safety of the public.  

We need to continue pressing both the government and the Company to take the steps needed to ensure everyone’s safety. To that end, your union is running a petition adding Superstore workers’ voices to the call for amended health regulations from Premier Kenney and Dr. Hinshaw. 

Click here to sign the petition calling for immediate action on store counts from Premier Kenney and Dr. Hinshaw. 

Your Bargaining Committee and union know how hard you are working in the stores, and we continue to take bold and decisive action to address the frustrations you feel.  

By working together, we can continue to push the Company on improving safety protocols, improving working conditions, and giving you a fair contract.

Staying engaged and demonstrating solidarity is crucial to our work. If you have questions about negotiations, please reach out to your Bargaining Committee members or your Labour Relations Officer.