Gate Gourmet: The Results Are In for a New Agreement!

Your Union fought on behalf of our Gate Gourmet members for better wages and better benefits and gave them the right to decide.

Congratulations to our Gate Gourmet members, who voted 92% in favour of a new and improved Collective Agreement!

We’re not yet where we’d like to be for wages, but this is a good start, and sends a strong message to the Employer.

Gate Gourmet members will receive a 9% wage increase over three years. Those working as General Kitchen Help staff will get an 11% wage increase over the same three years to bring their wages up from just over minimum wage. These well-deserved increases are crucial to fighting today’s affordability crisis!

Every time we go to the bargaining table, it’s our job to get concessions that make life easier for our members. The improved Collective Agreement also includes:

  • Increases to shoe and clothing allowances
  • An increased Employer contribution to retirement savings plans and Local 401’s Dental plan
  • Retroactive pay going back to July 2023
  • A larger reimbursement for eyeglass purchases, beginning in 2025

We thank the Bargaining Committee for their tireless work on behalf of our members, and congralutions to all on ratifying a new Collective Agreement!