Banff IGA: Go Into Bargaining Strong, United!

Why would you go any other way?

Your Bargaining Committee is working to avoid a strike and get you a better offer to vote on by pushing Sobeys hard! They need your help! Send Sobeys an equally strong message by voting “Yes” in this Thursday’s strike vote. 

It has become clear that the cost of living is a major challenge for Banff IGA employees. Over and over, your Bargaining Committee and union staff have had conversations about how difficult the rising price of goods is making life for Banff IGA workers. That’s why Sobeys’ previous offer was rejected: it didn’t address this crucial issue.

“You can’t rake in record profits and then hang your employees out to dry when it comes to inflation and the cost of living,” said UFCW Local 401 President Thomas Hesse. “Sobeys’ success is entirely thanks to the hard work of its committed employees, and they should be sharing in that success at the bargaining table!”

Some common questions we’ve heard recently include:

Q: Does a YES vote mean we will strike right away?
A: No, a YES vote is merely an expression of your unified voice in needing more on the next offer. If there is a yes vote, you are arming your bargaining committee so that they can go to the next round of bargaining strong.

Q: Are the meat and deli a separate contract, and if so, do I still get to vote on the strike vote?
A: Yes, the meat and deli are separate contracts. But, the Alberta Labour Relations Board has decided that both the store employees and the meat and deli staff are to vote together.

Q: How much is strike pay?
A: Full-time workers (40hrs) will receive $500 a week. Part-time employees will get $375 a week. If you get less than 32 hours per week, the amount will be prorated. Strike pay is tax-free, and there are zero deductions.

“Workers rarely want to go on strike,” said Secretary-Treasurer Richelle Stewart. “But if we work together and show Sobeys that you’re prepared to stand together, we can win the gains you deserve without a strike.”

Help us send Sobeys a strong message! Come out to vote on June 2nd, 2022, at: 

The Antler Room,
Moose Hotel and Suites,
345 Banff Ave. 

In solidarity,
Your Union Bargaining Committee
Joni Ferguson, Valerie Watch, Sandy Harmeson, and David Smith