IHAC -Carefully Crafting A Contract

We want to say a huge congratulations to all of you at I Have A Chance for fighting for and winning the right to bargain your first Union Contract!  

You’ve established yourselves as community leaders who have set the standard for others to aspire to. And by joining UFCW Local 401, you have grown our family, and for that, we will be forever grateful! Welcome to 401. 

You are now beginning the adventure of bargaining your first collective agreement (union contract). It will be a time where you will learn more about each other’s values, explore commonalities, and discover the empowerment of sitting across from your employers with newfound powers.  

At the center of this new chapter are your bargaining team. Keesha Prasad, Patrick Samson, Rigo Mukandi, Ramel Flores, Sheila Wallace, and Sonya Webber.  

We have met as a team four times over the last week, and with their invaluable assistance, and we have exchanged your bargaining team’s first set of proposals with your employer. You can find our proposals here and your employer’s proposals here

UFCW Local 401 holds as one of its core values openness and transparency. As such, you can expect to hear more from your bargaining team through emails, text messages, Zoom meetings, and polls as this process continues. Your bargaining team will be pivotal in getting regular feedback from you and your co-workers.  

In fact, we are scheduling your first Zoom meeting for this Monday. It will be at two different times. The first at noon and the second at 7:00 PM. We have the two to try to fit as many schedules as possible, and you can attend either or both meetings. The links are below. We will discuss the company’s current Covid policies and procedures, along with concerns and areas that need addressing.