IHAC: Progress On Schedule

Your bargaining team has had very productive negotiations over the last two weeks. We met with the company October 19 to 22 and then again October 25 to 27.  

Excellent progress has been made, addressing a lot of workplace concerns. We’ve handled significant issues like scheduling and working short-handed with contract language, formally laying out steps and procedures to fill shifts.  

Your bargaining team and the employer discussed other areas like sleeping arrangements. We agreed to deal with these on a case-by-case basis. If you are sleeping on a couch and would like to discuss alternate sleeping arrangements, like a cot or air mattress, please reach out to Anna Goebel (780-962-0433; agoebel@ihacss.com). We discussed staff having sleeping rooms in all residences. Unfortunately, this isn’t something the employer could accomplish.    

Also, we have contract language around Health and Safety, Workers Compensation, Training, Seniority, and many more topics we want to discuss with you next week.   

The bargaining team will be getting back to the negotiating table with the company, November 8 to 10.  

Before that, your negotiating committee will present language they have agreed to or remains outstanding to the membership via three Zoom calls (links to join next to each date):   

Please join us to discuss the company’s current offer of settlement.   In Solidarity,

Your UFCW Local 401 Negotiations Committee