Kaybob Employees Win First Union Contract

Congratulations are in order for the workers at Kaybob Lodge, who on November 6th not only secured their very first Union Contract but also chose to join the ranks of nearly 30,000 other UFCW 401 members who also enjoy the protection of one of Canada’s largest private sector union’s.  This great accomplishment is a direct result of the hard work and determination of the employees at Kaybob Lodge and their negotiating committee.

This means the end to a long road of arbitrary management decisions, being treated unfairly, and being passed over for compensation and benefits.  We hope this also means a new beginning and a renewed relationship between CIVEO and UFCW Local 401.

This new contract includes a discipline procedure, grievance procedure, and Union Representation rights. The unionization process can be challenging and requires patience and grit.  At times, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel seems impossible.  But Kaybob employees stood up to their employer and as a result now have a new contract to show for it.

UFCW Local 401 wishes to extend the warmest welcome to these new members.  These employees have demonstrated the importance of staying the course, practicing patience, and sticking together throughout.  As a result we all get to experience the rewards in growing the UFCW Local 401 membership.

We applaud our brothers and sisters at Encana Kaybob Lodge and are ready to begin enforcing the rights they have fought so hard to win!

Should you need further information please contact Saba Mossagizi at: 780-920-3773 or email her at: smossagizi@ufcw401.ab.ca