Keeping vendor stocking in line at Superstore

One of the significant issues that we need to tackle in negotiations is vendor stocking in stores. Vendor stocking has been a point of contention for Superstore union members for some time.

Loblaws has consistently sought to have outside vendors enter stores and engage in stocking that ought to be the work of union members. As the reliance on this practice has crept up and become more and more prevalent, it has resulted in reduced hours for Superstore workers.

Siphoning hours from Superstore workers to external vendors may be a useful cost-saving measure for the Company, but it means less pay in our members’ pockets, and it’s not something we can stand by and allow to happen.

Consequently, your union has negotiated agreements with the Company about how many and which vendors are allowed to stock shelves in stores at any given time. These agreements ensure that the practice of using outside external vendors is kept in check and not unduly impacting the work and wages of union members.

The current agreement between your union and Loblaws is that ten (10) preferred vendors are allowed into stores to engaging in stocking. However, Labour Relations Officers, Shop Stewards, and union members need to be vigilant in ensuring that other vendors are not allowed into stores to perform work.

Needless to say, monitoring this issue requires a tremendous effort.

Ultimately, we need the Company to agree to adhere to the conditions set out in your Union Contract, and sadly they do not always do that.

As we move forward with negotiations, we will ensure that this is an issue we revisit. Loblaws needs to hear loud and clear that external vendors inappropriately engaging in the work of union members will not be tolerated.

Union members, Shop Stewards, and Labour Relations Officer need to keep a close eye on this practice in the stores. Infractions to the provisions laid out in the union contract need to be addressed swiftly and unequivocally.

By working together with a strong and united voice, we can ensure that Loblaws treats you fairly and that the work and hours that ought to be yours winds up on your paycheques and not in illegitimate cost savings for the Company.