McKesson: 80% want minimum 5% increases

Hello everyone,

Your bargaining committee wanted to update you on how contract talks are going.

There were scheduled dates with company officials on April 27 and 28, 2022.

Your committee was expecting a financial offer because we had completed talking about most of the non-monetary items. We are still pressing the company to agree to consider our changes to the promotion language. Seniority is a significant factor when considering someone for promotion. The longer a person stays with any company, the more their seniority becomes essential. No one likes to see a new person by-pass them.

The company has been extremely busy, especially throughout COVID-19. You are working very hard to ensure they continue to remain profitable. There is plenty of overtime, and the company is constantly hiring. Our pre-bargaining surveys tell us that 80% of you are asking for and expecting at least 5% wage increases.

Unfortunately, McKesson wasn’t very prepared for these two days of bargaining. They came with an initial offer and agreed to increase some of the afternoon and night shifts premiums. They asked for a five (5) year contract with increases of 3% in the first two (2) years and 2.5% in the last three (3) years. From our surveys, we know the membership expects more. 80% of you wanted a shorter-term contract and at least a 5% wage increase. An overwhelming majority said they would strike if McKesson did not meet those demands. McKesson has also been trying to get us to agree to their Flex Plan for benefits which members voted down in the last round of bargaining.

There was no offer to increase any benefit coverage, boot allowance, premiums for the fridge, recognition of some classifications at higher pay rates, pay for doctor’s notes or the needed education and training fund, which allows, among other things, your union to develop courses so we can have the best-educated membership.

When your committee asked for a shorter-term contract with better increases in wages, McKesson wasn’t prepared to negotiate. They told us that they had to contact someone in the company to approve more. This behaviour isn’t how bargaining normally works. The company decision-makers should be at the table, ready and authorized to negotiate.

We will be scheduling dates soon and hope McKesson is prepared to bargain properly next time. We will keep you updated as talks progress but please:

Stand strong and stand together and we will win!!  

Your bargaining committee,

Pam Grewal, Hannah Tamon, Cathy Sherf, Deb Chester, Cheryl Watamaniuk, and David B. Smith

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