McKesson Bargaining: Moving on to Monetary

Your bargaining committee has been hard at work negotiating the terms of what will be your new contract at McKesson.

We have made significant progress on the non-monetary items. While some things may remain outstanding, we have presented the company with the monetary items that we feel are important to reward the hard work you do to make McKesson extremely profitable.

We have asked for increases to premium rates, benefits including vision care, additions to the meal allowance, boot allowance, and our essential Education and Training Fund.

Additionally, your committee has asked the company to consider a three-year contract with increases of 7% in the first year, 6% in the second year and third years. Your committee felt that these increases are fair in the face of rising inflation and considering that the company has likely done extraordinarily well in the past couple of years. You deserve substantial compensation increases.

Your committee will meet next with company officials on April 27th and 28th, and we expect to have a counter-offer to our position.

We hope to have something for you to vote upon very shortly. You will have to make some significant decisions. We must prepare ourselves that the company won’t offer what we ask, and we may have to vote to reject a substandard contract.

Remember that any power your union has comes from the membership standing strong, standing together and letting the company know that you are all prepared to go on strike if we cannot reach a fair settlement.

Stay tuned for more updates.

In Solidarity,
Your bargaining committee
Pam Grewal
Hannah Tamon
Cathy Sherf
Deb Chester
Cheryl Watamaniuk -Union Labour Relations Officer
Dave Smith -Lead Negotiator