Off to Mediation

March 4, 2022 – Banff, AB – We have an important update on recent developments in bargaining.

Rather than reaching out to your union after walking away from the bargaining table several weeks ago, your operator, Shawn, has applied to the Alberta Labour Relations Board to appoint a mediator. This is often a step employers take to get to the stage where they can apply for and take a vote to lock you out.

Walking away from the negotiating table after presenting what is, frankly, an insulting, slap-in-the-face offer does not give us confidence he’s seeking to get a fair contract with you. His refusal to bargain on any benefit increases, premiums, and seeking to take all your department heads and assistant managers out of the union is deeply concerning. It is also alarming that he expects you to accept what would amount to a 20 cents per hour raise over the course of eleven years.

What is particularly galling is that we are aware he has been telling some of you that there is more money there. Why hasn’t he told your union negotiating committee this news and returned to the bargaining table instead of hiding behind his lawyer and a government appointed mediator?

We remain committed to continue bargaining for a fair deal from Shawn and invite him back to the bargaining table. Shawn and his high-priced Calgary lawyer need to return and bargain as professionals instead of trying to hide behind a government appointed mediator.

We will attend mediation in good faith because the Labour Relations Code compels the parties to participate. In our experience, however, mediation doesn’t always produce positive results with employers like Shawn. Mediation is non-binding in Alberta, which means neither party has to agree to any mediator’s recommendation. The mediator has no power to impose a contract on you and we will not accept anything less than fair wage and benefit increases for you.   

Unless there is an offer that provides good increases, enough for you to feed your family, pay your bills, and save a little money, we will be encouraging you to vote “NO”.

Also, please be prepared for a possible strike vote in the near future. We will have more information as this develops.  

Stand together, stand strong, and support one another. Your union supports you!

In solidarity,

Your Union Bargaining Committee
Val Watch
Joni Ferguson  
David B. Smith
Sandy Harmeson