Positive exchanges with the Company

Your Bargaining Committee has been exchanging ideas with the Company and finding common ground on key issues.

Last week, your Superstore Bargaining Committee was engaged in something called interest-based bargaining with the Company. Interest-based bargaining is more of an informal process where we exchange ideas and proposals around contract language with the Company in an effort to find some common ground that we can use to keep making progress in negotiations.

This process has been quite successful to date, and your Bargaining Committee would like to show you what we’ve been able to accomplish as a result.

Below you will find a link to a document that outlines our proposals and the Company’s proposals. Using these documents, you can see where we started in negotiations and how we got to the victories we updated you about last week.

Click here to download the Union Proposals document.

Click here to download the Company Proposals document.

Should you have any questions about either of these documents, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Union Labour Relations Officer or members of your Superstore Bargaining Committee.

And stay engaged with negotiations as we work toward securing you a fair contract. Our collective voice is the strongest tool we have to use at the bargaining table!