Red Lobster: Our New Agreement is a Step in the Right Direction

Congratulations to our Red Lobster members!

Everyone worked together as a team – Front and Back of House staff – and gave the Union the opportunity to fight for a better deal for all.

We have been through mediation recently, and the Company has finally agreed not to increase the tip payout from Front of House staff!

Back of House staff have been working for a little more than minimum wage for far too long. The Company thought they could simply take from Front of House and give to Back of House through their tips.

We said no, and the Company was held accountable in mediation to do the right thing: leave the tip payout at 2% and give Back of House a fair wage increase.

This time around, we were able to add the following improvements:

  • Up to $2 wage increases for Back of House staff
  • More paid time off for bereavement leave
  • Provision of work availability for every quarter of the year, giving fair opportunities to pick up available shifts

This agreement has been ratified. The vote was 96% in favour of accepting the offer. We thank everyone who came out and made their voices heard.

We are all in an affordability crisis together, and although we’re not where we want to be for our members’ benefits and wages, this is a step in the right direction. We give our word that we will continue to fight for better wages and better benefits every time we go to the bargaining table!

The Bargaining Committee joins our Red Lobster members in thanking their colleague Leonard McCool for his exceptional work during our negotiations with the Company. We encourage our members to engage with their Union Rep Cheryl when they see her in the Unit, as we continue to fight on everyone’s behalf.