Meadowlands get a new contract

Members at Revera Meadowlands Retirement Residence have ratified their collective agreement by 76%.

Negotiations in all health care units are challenging. The different funding models make it difficult to get real gains for all employees, especially with a for-profit company like Revera.

And that is why we were pleasantly surprised when it turned out quickly and positively. Bargaining was short and sweet, at just over four days of negotiation with the company. 

“All of these employees worked so hard taking care of Medicine Hat’s most vulnerable during the pandemic, and they continue to keep them safe,” said Ricardo de Menezes, UFCW Local 401’s Southern Director.

Some of the highlights of the three-year deal are:

  • A 2% raise every year as well as an additional $1.00 in year one, $.50 in year two, and $.50 in year three. 
  • The above increase officially starts all newly hired at least $1.00 per hour over minimum wage.
  • A 2% increase for Licensed Practical Nurses.
  • Vision care in their benefits- which is very rare in this specific industry.
  • A 30-minute union orientation with no company presence.
  • A lifting of the cap of the number of shop stewards allowed in the home.
  • And the preservation of students maintaining seniority when they go back to school and want to come back and work shifts during breaks.

“This agreement is a positive advancement for the workers at Meadowlands,” stated de Menezes. “The committee was steadfast in their demands for a fairer compensation package for employees and improved benefits. We thank them for their determination in getting us there.”

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 401 is Alberta’s largest private-sector union with 32,000 members. Including food processing, retail, education, healthcare, hospitality, and security services, Local 401 members work in diverse sectors of the Alberta economy.