Richardson Oilseed: Offer Rejected

Richardson Oilseed union members have rejected their Company’s offer by a vote of 79%. (See the offer here)

We have advised the Company of the membership’s decision, and your Union bargaining committee will be meeting soon to prepare our next steps. 

First, we will be applying to go to mediation. The mediation process is when a neutral third party assists the union and the employer achieve an agreement. Mediators do not decide an issue. Instead, the mediator helps parties clarify their positions and reach a compromise (check out this video for more information on mediation)

Furthermore, we will be looking to return to the bargaining table to see if the Company will improve their offer. 

Like a decisive strike vote, a rejected ratification vote often inspires employers to look more seriously into their profits. No matter how they rationalize it, they know a strike will cost them money.

 In Solidarity,
Your UFCW Local 401
Negotiations Committee