Sobeys Warehouse Bargaining Committee Gets Ready to Talk Money

As a follow-up to our previous update, the reason for taking so long to begin bargaining, as you may know, was that with the purchase of Safeway, and the restructuring of the warehouse system in Alberta, it would be very difficult to bargain during this period. We have just completed a fifth set of negotiations with your employer.

The initial exchange of proposals was done in a normal fashion. Your employer tabled a total of twenty-nine proposals and your Union tabled fifty-two proposals for a grand total of eighty-one proposals that we are dealing with. At this point, we are just entering into monetary discussions.

Bargaining has progressed rather well, with us completing most of the non-monetary issues, and we are now starting to deal with the balance of the proposals that deal with monetary factors for the employer. We are expecting this part of bargaining to move at a steady pace as well, and we should be in a position to come to you soon after our next dates.

We have additional dates set for March 1st and 2nd. It is our hope to have this process completed by the end of the previously mentioned dates, or soon after. We also want to remind you that your employer still has some concessionary items on the table and our position is that we will not accept any concessions.

We are trying to move the process forward and get a Union Contract for you to review as soon as we can. We ask that you check the website for future negotiations dates as they will be posted there once we secure them. Look under “Negotiations” on the home page. As well, you need to watch your Union bulletin board for important updates.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your Union Representative. We need your support in order to negotiate the best terms and conditions we can for you to work under.


Your Bargaining Committee