Calgary Refrigerated Warehouse: Sunsets

August 10, 2022

Your bargaining committee will be heading into mediation at the end of the month, where we hope to make some good progress in getting you a new contract. We want to remind you of some of the main issues facing us at the bargaining table.


The employer is still issuing excessive disciplines in the warehouse, so proper union representation is more critical now than ever. Please ensure you always have a shop steward or union representative with you in these meetings. Someone must be there for you to explain your rights, take notes and help you determine whether you need to file a grievance. 

The amount of discipline occurring also illustrates the need for a limit to how long that record stays on your file, which can impact future discipline. Discipline should only be to correct behaviour, not to punish you forever for something you did wrong. Most contracts with Sobeys have a sunset clause that allows for that discipline to be removed after a period, such as 12 months. Your committee will fight for that right and ask you to back them up. Your job may depend on it someday.

Moving the Commissary

One of the most significant issues was the announcement that the Commissary will move to a new building in Balzac in 2023. Your committee is committed to ensuring the rights of people who are unable or choose not to move to the new location. It is a major challenge for many people and a drastic change to their work and home life. Many people do not drive, carpool or will face other major challenges such as the longer commute interfering with childcare. People should have the right to choose to go to the new building or not and be compensated should they decide not to move. Your committee will fight for a fair deal for you in that situation.

Please be prepared for a contract vote in the coming months; we may have to reject a contract offer. We may have to take a strike vote. It may be our only option to get the company to give us the required changes in your contract.

Stand strong, stand together, and we shall prevail.

Your bargaining committee,

Alejandro Gutierrez (Warehouse), Kelsang Wangchuck (Warehouse), Melchor Amurao (Warehouse), Elias Wisdom Kimara (Warehouse), Sam Pyo (Maintenance), Carmelo Cabacungan (Commissary), Kelly-Joe Nicholson (Commissary), Majock Anei Ayom (Warehouse), Jeff Ible, and David B. Smith

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