Sobeys Warehouse: We need to know your priorities

June 30, 2022

Your union negotiating committee will be meeting with company negotiators starting this Monday. Our goal is to finalize the company’s settlement offer and present it to the membership for a vote.
We need to hear from you about your priorities to help guide us through the final steps of negotiations.
Click on the survey link below and rank the items in order of your priority. We will take our direction from this survey. 

Please complete this survey no later than this Sunday, July 6. 

You can access your survey by clicking HERE.

Bargaining Proposals Ranking Survey

If you have any questions, please contact Chris O’Halloran at 587-999-6448 or or contact him on his Facebook page by searching: facebook/chrisohalloranufcw401. You can also contact Matt Gilks at 587-990-2004 or by email at

In solidarity,
Your Union Negotiating Committee:

Andre Dupre, Darren Dodge, Rosendo Neri, Terrance Bakalech, Melissa McGregor, Jonathan Underwood, Claudia Kalavritinos, Matt Gilks
and Chris O’Halloran