Sofina Foods Workers Ratify New Contract!

Employees at Sofina Foods in Calgary have ratified a new Memorandum of Agreement, which was achieved through government mediation.

Though not an exhaustive list, here are some of the highlights of the 4-year deal Sofina Foods workers fought for and won:

  • Retroactive wage increases, as well as yearly wage increases with up to $4/hour adjustments in several categories
  • Shift premium increases
  • A new vision care benefit
  • Improved paid time off for bereavement
  • Additional dental contributions
  • Additional pension contributions with full buyback to July 1st of this year
  • Improvements to vacations scheduling
  • Health and safety improvements including boot allowance increases
  • Expanded union representational rights, which increase job security

The Union’s Lead Negotiator Lee Clarke credits the hard work of the members who sat on the union’s negotiating committee for achieving these improvements. “The bargaining committee held to their principles and really dug deep to ensure that the wishes of their coworkers were heard and understood by their employer”, Clarke said. “This is everyone’s victory”, he concluded.

Congratulations to all the members at Sofina Foods. We are proud to represent each and every one of you.