Superstore drags out bargaining

July 27, 2021 – Hear directly from your negotiating committee by clicking this link!

We met with the employer last week. The employer started the week by tabling several new concessions attacking the premiums and benefits the membership deserves. Unfortunately, there was very little progress made. 

“The grocery industry and specifically Superstore came through the pandemic with flying colours, recording historic profits,” remarked Christopher O’Halloran, Executive Director for the UFCW Local 401. “After refusing to continue pandemic pay, it is unconscionable for Superstore to try and take away workers Sunday Premium and restrict the overnight premium.” 

Superstore continues to push for their Department Managers and Supervisors to take hours away from the members by eliminating any restriction on their work. Did they try to offset that loss of hours with an increase of hours for the membership? You guessed it, no! 

The company waited until Friday, 4:30 pm, to table their offer to settle the negotiations. Superstore’s inability to address the need of the membership for an hours-base that people can live and provide for themselves with is shocking and unacceptable. 

“Superstore has been clear they are not willing to address concerns with hours or table an acceptable wage increase,” continued O’Halloran. “We started the week off by telling the company we want them to build on wages and benefits, not dismantle them; when they gave us their settlement offer, they did not include any improvements on benefits.” 

The membership should prepare for a strike vote if the company does not drastically improve their offer in August. We encourage all the members to join the committee virtually and see the companies next offer on August 23 – 25. Just email and asked to be added to superstore negotiations. You will get an email each morning letting you know the time for the meeting. 

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