Superstore Negotiations Update – Good progress, let’s keep pushing

Your Superstore Bargaining Committee met with Loblaws again this week and was able to secure a number of meaningful victories for Superstore members. We need to stay engaged and continue pushing in order to ensure that negotiations remain on track.

We are happy to report that we made good progress in negotiations with the Company this week. To date, the Company has been reasonably receptive to our message. We’ve been able to discuss the challenges facing employees, as well as the stores and the Company.

Your Bargaining Committee was able to secure important victories for you at the bargaining table. Below is a video with members of your Negotiating Team outlining everything achieved in this week of bargaining:


Keeping money in your pocket

In the past, if there was an error on your paycheque that was the Company’s fault, you had to request that an additional 10% of the shorted amount be provided to you. This penalty to the Company was designed to recognize the inconvenience that the error caused you and aimed to make you whole as a result of the delay in getting you your money.

This week, the Company agreed to make this compensation automatic as soon as the payroll error is brought to their attention. This will ensure that the responsibility for correcting the situation lies with the Company and not with you.

Reasonable and defined coverage

There are times that Grocery or Produce employees have been asked to cover off receiving duties in order to provide meal and rest breaks for other employees. And while these requests can be disruptive to the work you are doing, they are sometimes necessary.

However, your Bargaining Committee was able to agree to language with the Company that limits and clearly defines the terms by which a Grocery or Produce employee can be used to cover off work outside of their department. The language both limits the time to which a request can be applied and clearly defines the duties, as well as ensuring the request provides another employee with a meal or rest break.

By working together, we can all get our work done and get the breaks to which we are entitled.

Other victories

In addition to these meaningful wins, your Committee also compelled the Company to agree to language around time off for faith-based observances, holy days, National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, culture rooms (committee), and full-time meal breaks. All of these victories will help to ensure that Superstore continues to be a good place to work, where unionized employees are respected and appreciated.

We need to keep pushing

Your Committee and Superstore unionized members must keep pushing to ensure that negotiations stay on track.

Using our collective voice, we sent a strong message to the Company so they understand the importance of listening to and respecting your concerns and desires.

The best way to reinforce that point is by remaining engaged and up to date with negotiations and supporting your Superstore Bargaining Committee in their efforts to secure a fair deal for you!