Superstore Negotiations Update

Back at the Table after Making Progress 

May 3, 2021 – During the last week of negotiations, we were able to make progress on scheduling. We spent the week of April 12 -16 focused on scheduling. The negotiations team pushed the company hard, and we had success.

“For some reason the company started the week very slowly,” says Starla Valentini from store 1573. “But we never stopped pushing and by the end of the day Friday, we had agreement on major scheduling changes.”  

We are hopeful that we will be able to continue to make progress this week. The negotiations team understands that the membership is frustrated and want their new contract. There are key issues of union membership security that need to be addressed this week.

The changes made in provincial legislation also require an update to the contract regarding deductions, discrepancies and errors language. These should be simple updates. The Government of Alberta has placed an obligation on employers to properly make deductions and submissions. These are not asks or demands from the union – they are required under the new Labour Relations Code. 

Another focus of conversation this week will be on the recognition and rights of a steward. It is important that our members have the support and representation they need at work through their union and stewards.  

If you would like to join us via video conference this week, please email and we will send you a new video link each day.  

“Being open and transparent with the membership is key for Tom and me,” said Secretary Treasurer Richelle Stewart. “We hear that members are frustrated with negotiations taking so long. Please pop into negotiations and share your thoughts with the committee.”  

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