Temperatures Are Rising in Alsco Negotiations  

Recently, Alsco sent you a message titled, “What you need to know.”  

Let’s start with some of what is accurate:

  • We have negotiated 40 articles that include some excellent improvements and language.  
  • Yes, there’s an offered raise for shuttle and relief drivers. 
  • They have offered Route Sales Representative an additional 5% commission on COG. 

But what didn’t they tell you? 

We must point out what Alsco are not telling you in their communication. Two significant issues are still outstanding from your bargaining teams perspective:

  • Compensation; and 
  • The temperature in the trucks. 

So, let’s talk about compensation. 

In a move only a lawyer could say is straightforward, Alsco’s asserting you’ll get a “20% increase to the base salary over the term of the agreement, for Route and Sales Representatives.”

The part Alsco is not being transparent about is that they are proposing a 20% reduction in the base salary! 

“For the company to write to the membership and say that they have proposed a 20% increase is factual but dishonest,” said Chris O’Halloran, Executive director of UFCW Local 401. “I do not understand why the company has chosen this take-it or leave-it approach.”

Click here to see the company communication.

Your bargaining team is open to returning to the negotiating table. We will be making an application for mediation to try and encourage the company to come and negotiate a fair contract.  

Next, let’s talk about temperatures in the trucks. 

The company has stated that hanging a thermometer on a hook or using a clip to attach it to the truck violates company policy.  

“I want the membership to be clear; you have every right to take the union-provided thermometers into the truck and to send pictures of the internal truck temperatures to your Union.” O’Halloran continued, “to put the company’s mind at ease though and eliminate any concerns that these thermometers are damaging their evidently fragile trucks, please set the thermometers on your lunch bag, moving forward.”

We have communicated this process to the company and hope they will not try to pressure anyone not to take temperature checks in the workplace.  

In terms of the following steps:

  1. We will finalize the proposed settlement offer. We will hopefully get this out to the membership this week.
  2. Give the membership one week to review the proposal.
  3. Hold meetings so you can ask and get answers to any of your questions; and
  4. Hold an online vote.

As such, it’s vital that we have your current email address so that you can vote and get all the necessary updates to make a fully informed choice.  

Watch your email for more updates.

In solidarity,

Your Union Negotiating Committee:
James Harrington
Christopher Prime
Jason Parrell
Chris O’Halloran

For a printable version of this document click here.