The Clock Is Ticking – Sobeys Warehouse Bargaining

We have just completed three days of bargaining last week. As a result of this, we have entered into monetary issues. Your employer has tabled some very minimal changes that do not see an increase in your current wage structure, while still wanting other concessions. Our position throughout this set of bargaining is that we are not prepared to accept concessions and that we are looking for increases in your current wages.

We have ended up in a position that finds us considerably far apart. With that, we have decided to apply for Mediation to help move the process along. We currently have dates on April 17, 18, 19, 2018 to continue bargaining and will use these dates to go through the mediation process. We are hopeful that we will have an offer for you to vote on soon after these dates.

We ask that you be prepared to come out and vote on a potential offer at that time. Your vote is extremely important because the result of this vote could very well decide whether or not we end up in a possible dispute. Your bargaining committee needs to hear your comments and concerns.

As is the practice when we are coming to an end in any set of negotiations, you should be cautious in making any large purchases etc. at this time.

We ask that you check the website ( for future updates as they will be posted there once there is something new to report. Look under “News and Events, Negotiations.” As well, you need to watch your Union Bulletin board for important updates.

Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your Union Labour Relations Officer.


Your Bargaining Committee