UFCW Local 401Medicine Hat Co-op Bargaining Update

September 2015

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The following is an update of what has taken place in regards to your Union Contract and the bargaining process with your employer.

As you know, your Union Contracts (both Grocery Retail and Meat and Deli) expired in July of this year. Your union sent out surveys and held proposal meetings to prepare for bargaining. We are and have been prepared to meet with the Bargaining Committee to finalize the positions given by you, the members, and exchange with the Co-operative as well. We have, as most of you may know, agreed to bargain collectively both agreements at once (both Grocery Retail and Meat and Deli).

We believe this to be a better way to try and make changes to benefit both Bargaining Units equally and to bring them closer together. It is a little more difficult to co-ordinate for the initial meetings but should make very little difference once the process starts. We believe this will give you, the members, a more unified Union Contract as well as other benefits.

Setting dates to begin bargaining has been difficult due to the mergers and acquisitions of the Co-operative this past year. Thru discussions with the Co-operative, your union is to start bargaining early in the New Year as a result of this. We will be setting bargaining dates soon with the Co-operative and once the dates have been set we will establish the Bargaining Committee and have our first meeting prior to exchanging proposals.

On a final note, we ask that you support your Bargaining Committee and your union to its fullest. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your Union Representative. We need your support in order to negotiate the best terms and conditions we can for you as members to work under.


Al Olinek
UFCW Local 401 Negotiator