Update: Maple Leaf Pork Negotiations – Mediation Continues

Mediation Continues

Your Negotiating Committee continued the bargaining process and met with the Company and the government-appointed mediator on August 1, 2023.  

While the process has not yet concluded, we made meaningful progress and moved closer together on several outstanding monetary items identified by the membership. 

Outstanding Issues

There is still a vast gap between the parties concerning wages and the term, or length, of the agreement. Further, the Company still has proposals on the table to change the 37-hour guarantee and the vacation entitlement for new employees. We remain firm that the membership is not interested in concessionary proposals.

Ongoing Discussions

We hoped to bring a meaningful offer to the membership to vote on after this round of talks, but we are still committed to continue working towards the best agreement possible. To that end, your committee strongly felt that what the Company was offering was insufficient, and we are continuing to push for what you have indicated is essential. While we still have dates on hold on October 23-26, we are attempting to find additional dates in the interim. Our continued focus remains on reaching the best possible agreement to bring back to the membership to vote on. While we had hoped bargaining could have been accomplished sooner, we are unwilling to sacrifice quality for speed. Your committee, however, remains firm on advancing your interests within the process. 

Your continued support of your Negotiating Committee has been invaluable, and we ask for your strength and unity in the days and weeks ahead.

In Solidarity,

Your UFCW Local 401 Union Negotiating Committee,

Devin Yeager (Spokesperson), Cam Howey (Union Labour Relations Officer), 

Numa Castaneda, Antonio Castrodes Jr, Mark Heitman, James Paulson and Carie Swatske.

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