Update: UFCW 401 Organizing Drive ‘ASP/Commissionaires’

UFCW Local 401 is kicking off an organizing drive this week in anticipation of the ASP contract ending on September 30th and the Commissionairestaking over on October 1st.

As mentioned in previous updates, unfortunately, we do not have successorship rights, so ASP employees hired by the Commissionaires must sign new union cards for UFCW 401 to continue representing them. We understand that Commissionaires have already hired most ASP employees.

Our organizing team will contact former ASP members to set up in-person meetings to sign union cards, so please anticipate receiving a call, email, or text message in the coming days.

Under the Labour Code, we need 35% to trigger a vote and 51% to automatically certify the workplace (the Canada Labour Code deems when 51%+ of members’ have signed cards to be proof of a workplace’s clear intent to be certified with the applicant union).

We anticipate quickly getting enough union cards signed in the next couple of weeks to apply for a certification vote with Commissionaires immediately after they take over on October 1st.

Members can sign up each other. Workers talking among their co-workers is very important in these kinds of transitions, so let us know if you want to help with signing and gathering new union cards. 

It is essential to note that card signing must take place outside of work hours. 

The new employer cannot pay you less than you made at ASP. However, we must negotiate all the other union benefits, such as seniority rights that you currently enjoy with Commissionaires, and we must sign new union cards and gain certification before we can bargain a new union contract.

Here is a summary of the outstanding achievements that we made this year with the new ASP Collective Bargaining Agreement that we want to carry over to the Commissionaires

Wage increases for top-rate employees (three years’ service and above) are as follows:

  • Access Control, Airside Access, and Break Relief $2.04/hour;
  • Terminal Patrol and Mobile Patrol, Curbside (new classification) $1.80/hour;
  • SOCC $2.65/hour.

Total yearly wage increases for over four years for top-rate employees are as follows:

  • Access Control, Airside Access, and Break Relief $4.06/hour;
  • Terminal Patrol and Curbside $3.93/hour;
  • Mobile Patrol $4.03/hour;
  • SOCC $4.98/hour.

Significant wage increases at all other levels in the progression:

  • Employees at the start rate (up to 3 months) will receive $1.25/hour (Access Control, Airside Access, and Break Relief); or $0.75/hour (Mobile Patrol), $0.25/hour (Terminal Patrol, SOCC, and Curbside);
  • Employees with more than three months but less than 12 months of service will receive $1.00/hour (Access Control, Airside Access, Mobile Patrol, and Break Relief), $0.50/hour (Terminal Patrol and Curbside), or $1.25/hour (SOCC);
  • Employees with more than 12 months but less than three years of service receive $1.78/hour or $1.51/hour (Access Control, Airside Access, and Break Relief); $1.37/hour or $1.08/hour (Terminal Patrol, Mobile Patrol, and Curbside); $1.23/hour or $0.94/hour (SOCC);
  • Full retroactive pay on all hours worked back to January 1st, 2023;
  • NEW: Vision coverage of $250 per 24 months;
  • NEW: Shoe allowance of $100 or $200 per 24 months, depending on classification and full-time/casual status;
  • An increase to the dental benefits, from $1000 to $1500 every 12 months;
  • NEW: Employer contributes $1000 per year to your union’s Education and Training Fund;
  • NEW: Employer pays for any errors regarding the deduction of union dues.

In addition, we achieved the following non-monetary improvements:

  • Streamlined grievance procedure;
  • Protections for full-time hours of work;
  • Seniority provisions related to job assignments, promotions, and vacancies; and
  • Improved vacation language.

One last note for now: UFCW 401 continues to demand severance pay from ASP for all employees regardless of whether the Commissionaires have hired them as required by the Canada Labour Code. ASP is trying to escape this requirement by claiming that there is no break in employment, but we are and will continue to chase them on this.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can reach:

In solidarity,
UFCW Local 401

For a printable version of this document, click here.