We’ve got the dates. It’s time to negotiate!

Alsco members, we now have dates to start bargaining. We are looking forward to working with you to get a fair Collective Agreement. Alsco is very experienced with Union contracts and bargaining across Canada. We expect they will Bargain in good faith and respect your proposals. UFCW Local 401 believes in open and transparent negotiation, and you will receive a copy of the company and union’s ongoing proposals. Please check out this video for more information on how Local 401 conducts Open Bargaining.

The Union and Alsco will meet in person at a mutually agreed upon space in Edmonton. Your Bargaining Committee members will be Jim Harrington, Chris Prime, Chris O’Halloran, Rick Schneider and Jason Parrell. I want to give a massive shout-out to Jim and Chris for stepping up and taking part in this process. They want to help their coworkers get a fair contract. We will be meeting with Alsco on these dates:

  • May 16 to 19
  • June 2 and 3
  • June 9 and 10
  • June 13 to 15
  • June 20 and 21

If you have any questions about the Bargaining process or your current working conditions, contact Jason Parrell at 403-463-1010 or Chris O’Halloran at 587-999-6448.

(For a printable version click here)