WOW! Factor Workers Hold Out to Win Big!

After WOW! Factor members rejected the employer’s lacking first offer by an impressive 90%, the employer returned to the table and finally began to take their demands seriously. With the assistance of a mediator, a new deal was reached and subsequently accepted by the workers by a margin of 93%!

Some of the highlights of this offer include:

  • Employees hired prior to January 1, 2022 will receive $2000.00
  • Employees hired between January 1 – September 30, 2022, will receive $1000.00
  • Employees hired between October 1, 2022 and date of ratification will receive $500.00
  • Top rate employees will receive total annual wage increases of $2.85 over the term, starting Sunday following ratification – when you combine the wage increases with the lump sum amounts, this adds up to over $14,000.00 in additional earnings for long-term full-time employees!
  • Employees still moving through the wage grids will receive two increases each year until they reach top rate – reaching top scale more quickly, adding up to additional earnings of over $10,000 over the term of the Agreement!

“Thanks go out to our bargaining committee members who work in the factory, Usha and Kassandra, joined by Charmaine and Aaron who were the union reps during negotiations,” Chief Union Negotiator Larry Zima said. “They all worked so hard to make sure members were informed throughout the process and that the company understood no one would back down on important issues.”

WOW! Factor workers are no strangers to pushing back when the employer refuses to listen to their more than reasonable demands. These highly skilled, highly productive workers know that sticking together and speaking with one voice is essential to creating a Collective Agreement and compensation package that is worthy of their dedication and value. And it paid off big!

“Congratulations to all these fine UFCW 401 members for this much-deserved win,” declared current Union Labour Relations Officer Aaron. “For Charmaine and I, it has been, and continues to be, an honour to represent these amazing workers.”