Celebrating a Spirit of Solidarity at Maple Leaf!

During a fun-filled week starting on June 10th, members gathered at Maple Leaf to celebrate a spirit of solidarity and engage in practical training and orientation for shop stewards and new members of UFCW Local 401.

This included our first steward training sessions designed exclusively for Maple Leaf members. Their first session was a steward CBA and benefit study group that used their own Collective Bargaining Agreement and benefits, and in which all the example scenarios were 100% based on real-life issues in the plant.

Their second session, starting in the last week of June, is training with Steve Westcott from our WCB Advocacy Department, once again using real-life plant examples.

During this week, we also received our new UFCW hard hat stickers with messages in four different languages.  We did two sets of orientations with a total of forty new hires, and have seen lots of Maple Leaf family members coming on as summer students.

The spirit of solidarity is alive and well among our Maple Leaf membership! We’d like to thank everyone for coming out and participating!